Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Calendar Art

I am blogging this because...I pot my personal best and doing the coleus.
We were learning about...how to draw a trtil.

Calendar Art

I am really proud with my art because I worked really hard on it and I think it looks really good. I had success in my background because I found it really easy. The biggest challenge I had was doing all the patterns I found it really hard because I had to try and get all the patterns right and couldn’t do any mistakes. So those were mainly all my challenges and success. I hope you like my art because I spent a really long time on it.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Writing W4 T4

Character Descrition

I am blogging this because...I have done my personal best and thought about what I should write.
We were learning about how to write a character description on someone

Cameron Buge
Physical Description
Character Traits
Loves to play the drums.
Has one wife and two sons.
picks up drum sticks.
wokes around the room (longe).

WALT choose words that give the reader a vivid picture in their head
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Character Description
My Writing Goal: Sentences make sense with punctuation in the correct places.
Success Criteria:
  • Shows physical description
  • Shows character traits and actions
  • Organised into correct sentences and paragraphs - intro / physical / traits / actions / ending
  • Strong nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Uses a good simile and can use other language features effectively
  • Has an entertaining anecdote (little story that happened) about the character

Mr M’s modelling is on next page

Mr Gifkins AKA Mr G
Mr G is not your normal principal, he is one of the most cheerful principals you’d ever meet. Come on down to Parkvale School and you will be in for a treat. If you see Mr G walking down any path at our school, he’ll make you feel welcome.

Cameron Budge is my drumming teacher.When I go for my lesson he walks around the room (lounge) and teaches me what to do. He has been drumming since he was 9 years old and has a wife and two sons.He loves to play the drums he is very cool and he is really understanding.He loves drumming like I do.

He is always kind and nice and he is letting me call him want ever I want so I’m calling him Cam.Tomorrow was my drumming lesson but he has gone away for a holiday so I have him next week.

He is helpful and friendly.He picks up the drumsticks he also has his own drum kit as well. We both have a duet together on the 2nd of December 2015 in the cabana.

He is the best drummer teacher I have ever had.

By Rosie  Keene