Thursday, April 14, 2016


I have been learning to put the pieces together for my art and making them the right size and shape for a mask. There are so many colours  vilot(violet) blue, raspberry pink, butter yellow, chocolate brown and skin and I had to mix and make them all. 
My initials are on my mask R and K. I have a hart because I love lots of things and my favrite (favourite) colouers(colours) are pink and blue.

I am proud of my art because of how it looks and me working quitly(quietly) by myself and solving my problems.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Hoilday

"Wow what a beautiful site," I said. While we drove to Taupo my 3 year old puppy was lying on top of my lap.'Are we there yet?' I asked. "No we are not there yet Rosie' mum said 'Only 30 minutes to go''Yay ' I exclaimed. Finally we are here now we drop Milly off at a farm and hopped into the car and drove off to our hotel in Taupo for 1 night. Feeling exited when I woke because we were off to Auckland . I had a spa bath and got dressed and hoped in the car and drove off. After stopping in Matamata for lunch we drove on the motorway to get to our hotel in Auckland - the Jet Park Hotel.

The next morning we got up really early and boarded our plane for Australia. Arriving in Australia, my family and I went and picked up our suitcases and our 2 cars and put our luggage in the cars and drove to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. When we got inside I could see a waterfall and a Lizard scurrying into the garden. Next we all stepped onto the train which took us to green patch station where the animal hospital was, a free flight bird show and shearing sheep show. The 2nd stop was wild burger cafe. The next day we went to Movie world. We saw a 4d movie was playing which was about road runner - the seats jolted and water was sprayed in our face during the movie. Dad and I went on the Road Runner Roller Coaster it was quite scary when it tilted on my side. When it stopped  I wanted to go again so the lady

let us stay on. Another day we visited Sea world where I got out of my comfit (comfort) zone and went fling (flying) in a helicopter with my dad for half an hour which was exiting. 

We had an amazing time in Australia together.