Thursday, June 2, 2016

Art by Rosie


I have been learning art this year. I go to lessons every week and my teacher is Katie. I really love going and painting pictures that we can hang on our walls at home.

I wanted to paint a picture that would challenge me, so I chose to do a painting in a Van Gogh style. It was really hard as his style of painting uses lots of little strokes and has lots of different colours painted on top of each other.

This is my finished art work. I am so proud of how it looks. It took me 8 lessons to finish. I did it all by myself. Katie just showed me how to mix the colours and how to do different brush strokes.

This is the steps that I did my painting in. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures.

First I had to choose a canvas that I wanted to paint on. Then I had to outline in pencil the type of picture that I wanted to paint.

I started to paint my first layer of blues and greens.

Then I added the colours of the houses and added more layers of blues and greens.

Next I added yellow for my stars and moon. I also put more layers onto my houses.

The next step was to start painting the clouds. This part was hard as it was hard to get the right colour.

This picture is me doing last few details on my painting.

1 comment:

  1. This is an amazing piece of art Rosie!
    I love the way you explained all the different steps that it took to create your painting.
    I feel tempted to give a Van Gogh style painting a go myself, maybe I will.