Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Art Plan - Week 6

I am blogging this because...I am very excited to be doing this kind of art. This plan is my personal best... later in the term we are all doing a piece of art for the schools Art Exhibition. 

I love the Poppy Flower and so I am going to be making a Mosaic Poppy Flower. To write my plan, I went to the Tile Warehouse with my Mum to learn about how to make a tile mosaic. I can't wait to get started on my project.  

Art Plan
Name: Rosie Keene
Later in the term, the whole school is taking part in a visual arts exhibition. You will have to make your own piece of visual art.


Success Criteria of the art
  • No larger than A3
  • Must be super high quality (your absolute personal best)
  • Must be a type of visual art
  • Must be aesthetically pleasing (it has to look good)
  • It must challenge you (aim high)

There is an example of how to do Task 2 on the wall.

Task 1
Discuss with your learning buddy about all of the different types of visual art (there are lots!).
Write 3 of them below.
1. Painting

Task 2- Your plan

Please insert a picture of what your completed art will look like. (It will be either: an image from the internet, a google drawing or a rough draft).

For my art I am going to do a mosaic poppy. I love the poppy and saw so many of them at the Te Papa Museum in the Gallipoli exhibit recently. I am really excited about this and it will challenge me.

This is a rough draft of my art. The black background area will be covered with black tiles (and the centre of the flower), the red part of the poppy will be covered with red tiles and the green area of the stalk will be covered with green tiles.

Write a list of materials you will need.
If a material is not in the classroom, include how you will get it.

1x black backing board (A3 size)
Picture of a poppy flower
PVA Glue – strong hold
Pencil, Ruler, Scissors,
Black tiles, red tiles and green tiles
Black grout (maybe)

I asked mum to take me to the Tile Warehouse to do some research on my mosaic art and the lady there asked me what I wanted to do. After I had told her, she gave me a huge box of mosaic glass tiles in all different colours, shapes and sizes that she no longer needed and said I could have them all. She also got her husband to cut me an  A3 size of black backing board as this is what they display their tiles on and had heaps spare.

The only materials that I now need are Extra Strength PVA glue (which we have at home), pencils and a ruler. I might need some black grout (which my granddad has at his place) once my tiles are stuck onto the backing board, but the lady at the tile warehouse told me to wait until I had finished gluing on my tiles as it might not be needed. She said that this is the only part that I might need an adult.

Write a list of steps to take.
  1. Draw lines on the backing board the size of the tiles, so that I can get a straight line for each row of the background tiles.
  2. Draw an outline of the poppy flower that I found on the internet on the backing board.
  3. Arrange my tiles on the backing board, I will put the red ones round the inside of the poppy flower outline and then place the black centre tiles and then fill the rest in (this will take a while as the tiles need to be in the right place before gluing).
  4. I will take a photo of the tiles just sitting on the board so I can look at it when I am gluing the tiles on. I need to make sure they are where I want them as I cant move them when they on with glue.
  5. I will count how many tiles I need for the each part of the art, black part, flower, centre bit and stem.
  6. I will glue the tiles in their place on the backing board, one tile at a time.
  7. Once I have finished gluing the tiles on the backing board I will have a look and see how it looks. If the gaps are too big, I might have to put some black grout in them. For this part, I might need some adult supervision.
  8. If I need to add grout, I will have to wipe off the excess grout with a damp cloth and let it set hard.
  9. This will be the end of my finished art piece.