Monday, August 15, 2016

My art at school

 chose a distance  road art it all was just pastel to celebrate Matariki. I had to draw a light white triangle to make a outline of the road and so I noow where to drew the trees to the end of the point of the triangle. The trunk was a challenge to me because I had to get it the right size and the right height to get it looking like it is going away from me with the big trees at the front and the small ones at the back of the triangle.I used Light to dark or dark to light green for the trees and a dark brown for the trunks.The sky is light blue if it is dark blue you can not see it so light blue is the best.Now you do the the koru all blues and a white and also do the flax with red, Orange, yellow and a woodish brown.Now you put the Seven stars in the sky once that is finished you can do the road gold or yellow and do the outline and lines in the middle as wall.The last thing I did was the black for the road.

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