Monday, August 15, 2016


I have been working on my Writing. I have been working very hard on it by adding detail and trying to use different words to describe what I do at 10 pin bowling.

I am proud of this writing as it is my personal best. I have added pictures into my writing and tried to make it interesting for the people reading it.
I use my Perseverance muscle all throw my writing by not giving up and used it all throw my tenpin bowling from the start and the end.

I hope you like my story.

Tenpin bowling

Whoosh goes my tenpin bowling ball down the lane. It is a really cool pink ball with black swirls all over it. It was made just for me as the man had to drill out the holes on the ball to match my fingers.

I really love going to play 10 pin bowling and I am in the kids league which is on a Monday night. I am practicing heaps so I can go to the NZ National Championships in Wellington next year.
The bowling alley has 14 wooden lanes that are really slippery with a black line on each lane that you can’t go past. At the end of each lane are 10 pins and you have to try and knock the pins down with a special ball. You get to have 2 turns each time it is your go.

You have to wear special bowling shoes so you can walk on the lanes. They look really funny and the ones I get always have cracks in them. It can be really noisy when there are lots of people playing as you can have 10 people playing on one lane at a time.

I had a really great score one time I went with my Mum. My mum said to not look up at the scoreboard because I lose focus as I have to think about what I am doing. I have to walk up 4 steps before I bowl the ball . On my third game I got 5 gutter balls which means the ball goes into the gutters which are on both sides of the lanes and you don't get any pins down. It is not good to get gutter balls and you need to get a high score to win the games. I got 2 spares and that means when you get some pins down on your first turn and all the rest down on your second turn. I got 2 strikes and this means you don’t miss any pins at all and get them all down on your first turn. I am so happy when this happens as it makes your score high. At the end of the third game my was score is 116.

We decided to have chips and toast and I took back our tray after the game. Next we went and got a printout from the counter to show my dad my score when we got home.  I placed my bowling ball in my room and when I went to bed I felt pleased with myself that I scored 116 because it is my highest score yet. My mum and dad were so proud of me.

These are photos my cool pink and black
bag and equipment like my ball,rag and spray that I use to clean my ball at the bowling and a folder to put my score sheets in.


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