Thursday, March 24, 2016


I am proud of my writing because I have lots of detail and I have never written so much before.
Squelch squash as the sand pushes up threw my sore toes.I glance at my feet a fire red crab is climbing up them, ’’Owch’’ the feisty crab bit me with its nippers they were 30 cm long. My leg started to bleed, I shook my leg and the crab went flying back into the sea.I walked to the edge of the island and knelt down to scoop some salt water on my leg to wash away all the blood. After I washed away the blood I quickly walked into the jungle and found some coconuts in the middle of the jungle hanging down from the branches of the coconut tree.I looked around and sore a flax boshe and made a flax basket and then climbed the tree using my hands to poll myself up where some coconuts were and twisted the coconuts until they came off and I chucked  them into the basket on the ground. thumb_Large_Waikawa_-_dry.JPGcliparti1_coconut-clip-art_08.jpgimages.jpgTree-King-Flax-removal-b.jpgCoconut and coconut milk with palm branch
Now I am going to tell you how I got to Jungle Island...  
It was a really rough night in the deep ocean and we were in the our vessel The Mary Celeste was bobbing up and down with the mighty waves when suddenly I felt the ship tipping over and cold salt water was flowing into the ship and the crew and I were tipping over as wall as the ship.Then we all tumbled into the water I could not see my crew because the waves were too high but I could see our ship sinking to the bottom and hearing blob blob blob as The Mary Celeste went down down down I was being pushed by the massive wave and my head was going up and down and I could taste disgusting salt in my mouth .I spotted a piece of driftwood drifting towards me so I reached out with my tiered ames and grabbed it pulling it to me and hauled myself onto it.I looked up and saw trees in the distins so I paddled and kicked like crazy. After 2 hours  of kicking like crazy I could finally touch the sand as I crould to the island.

Searching in my pockets finding a soaking wet notebook I put it on the hot sand for it to dry once it was dry I wrote a note and put it inside a bottle and walked to the edge of the island.I throw it into the clear blue sea hoping someone will find it. I

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